Saturday, July 01, 2006

To be in the Middle, its kind of choosing a death penalty ..

I would say that I’m dieing every day.. when u know something from this side and another from that side while those in both sides don’t , u well be the target of the fire from both sides..

Here it goes each time: u know that Mr. X in the right didn’t mean something, while Mr. Z in the left thinks that Mr. X means that. So U have the key point which the whole argument is build on .

For Mr. X and Mr.Z its easy to judge, while u struggling hard to prove for both that all what they are judging is wrong.

Don’t be surprised, people most of the time appears like birds kept so long in the cage and when time comes to go out, they well prefer to stay in the cage because they only get used to it.

That’s why the easiest thing we do is to judge not to ask, to give the bad explanation instead of the god one. And then we well repeat that life is so ugly and nasty .


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