Sunday, July 09, 2006

Either.. Or

23 years ago in the early beginning of my career, somebody came to me and told me: they are talking about you. I have to admit that this was the grate shock of my life I felt that I want to kill somebody, Unger might be not the right word to describe my feelings at that time.

I decided that I’ll bring a scourge and put it next to me, once I heard any body say something bad about me, give bad explanation for anything I do I’ll beat him immediately. I told my self: “I’ll be bad as they are”. I couldn’t.

You can say that I surrendered, I couldn’t be like the others, I couldn’t act like them, I couldn’t enjoy gossip, conspiracy or say something bad about any person even if I he don’t like me or I don’t like him.

Its me until today, I never change and here comes my growing well to give people.. it seems that its true that the bird might not get out the cage for freedom if he was kept so long in captivity .

People are the same.. What make me mad about people that they don’t give you any choice.. It’s always either/or ...

Either the scourge or love.. But the buskin is that you are not for the scourge but love.. And when you give them love they give you pain… that’s why if you chose love you are a loser always.. Because people don’t believe in love. Its not there, it’s a myth.

They talk about it but never practice it.. they want it but never give it to any body.. Write about it but never try make it a fact in their life..

I don’t believe in scourge, but is it a destiny that I always feel that I’m losing always?.

People well not change, so its time for me to disappear and vanish. I’ll do it as soon as I can without any sorrow.


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